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As organizations continue to adopt AI, they need to look beyond the technology to successfully implement AI. Microsoft’s AI Business School podcast highlights what business leaders should consider in their AI transformation. Host David Carmona showcases thought leaders, corporate changemakers, and internal Microsoft experts who share experiences from their own AI journeys.

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Dec 19, 2020

To unlock the full potential of AI, leaders must paint a holistic vision that inspires the entire company, put steps in place to achieve that goal and then execute. Host David Carmona shares his own experience and speaks with global thought leaders that share best practices for companies to succeed in the long term.

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Microsoft AI Business School

David Carmon | LinkedIn [host]


Athina Kanioura, PepsiCo | LinkedIn

Stephen Eyears, 7-Eleven Australia | LinkedIn

Nick McQuire, CCS Insight | LinkedIn

Deb Cupp, Microsoft | LinkedIn